WWN runs a sustainable social enterprise model; at least fifty percent (50%) of the organization’s profits are reinvested back into projects and programs that create sustainable social change, especially for women and girls.


  • An Integrated and Holistic Approach –  African WoMen (at home and in the diaspora), collaborating across multi-disciplinary fields to create solutions for African challenges and problems;
  • Train-the-Trainer Model – Strategically empowering leaders to empower and raise other leaders in their immediate circle of influence. This ensures programs and projects can be scaled;
  • TRACE Community Development Model – A unique grassroots approach which enhances project ownership. Each individual focuses on their communities of residence and of birth. It is a tested ‘inverted funnel’ approach to creating sustainable development with measurable results and outcomes;

Other concepts which shape our unique model include:

Our Guiding Principles

These are some additional core related principles that form the cornerstone of our Social Enterprise Model. And guide all of WWN’s Projects, Training Courses, Collaborations and Community Engagements:

  • #OfficeOfTheCitizen: The idea that leadership is primarily a partnership; a ‘values-exchange’ between the leaders and the citizens. It emphasizes the power of an awakened and aware citizenry to create sustainable change in society.
  • #BridgingTheIntegrityGap: The precept that within every individual there exists an integrity gap and that the more we become aware, take responsibility and narrow these gaps, the more we can become transformational leaders within our circles of influence.
  • 5 P’s of Empowered Living: Power, Passion, Purpose, Profit and Path;
  • Our unique Transformational Leadership model captured by WWN’s proprietary Values Hierarchy Quadrant [Concepts included: Emotional, Intellectual and Experiential Intelligence Quotients, Understanding the ‘DOING’ and ‘BEING’ axis of transformational personal leadership, the relationship between values hierarchy and unlocking leadership potentials, the concept of leadership as service and using the arts (Poetry) to create societal change etc.]: