Whole Woman Network, WWN, is an Empowerment and Leadership Social Enterprise founded by two Nigerian ladies (resident in Canada), Diana Barikor-Wiwa and Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, while both were undertaking their Masters’ degrees at the University of Toronto, Canada and Manchester Business school, University of Manchester, UK, respectively. 

WWN was initially started as an informal Networking group for a few African women in the diaspora. The objectives were simply to provide a safe space and hold one another accountable on their various goals and dreams, to motivate and share tips and strategies on healthy lifestyle (‘Business-Financial-Spiritual-Leisure-Health-Work-Life’ integration).

As the membership base expanded, the group soon morphed into a registered organization on December 4, 2010 with a formal launch event at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. The organization’s head office is still currently based in Ontario, Canada. However, most programs are now delivered in Africa.

WWN Timelines

January of 2011: WWN started the “The Healthy Lifestyle Clubs”. The inaugural session was held at the Richmond Hill Public Library. And subsequent monthly sessions were held at the Meeting Room located in Loblaws (Bayview & High Tech Road), Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.  The program includes the Healthy steps walking clubs and nutrition sessions facilitated by a team of subject matter experts (Doctors, Nutritionists, Fitness Experts etc).

July of 2011: WWN started the ‘Inspired Reading’ book club series and provided over 2000 copies of romance novels and motivational books (sourced from individuals, libraries and thrift stores in Canada), at  discounted rates, to women in Nigeria and Liberia. This enabled them to kick-start sustainable business ventures as mobile book sellers/vendors, offering fee-based book loaner programs in their communities. 

January of 2012: WWN introduced their acclaimed Financial Literacy and Esusu* Saving Programs for women and ingeniously delivered these workshops directly in the homes of their target population, using the popular home party model employed by successful direct sales companies. 

July of 2012: A few months after successfully running sessions and batches of their Financial Literacy and Esusu* Saving Programs respectively, they launched their Lifestyle Loans Programs for women (LLP). 

January of 2013: WWN got its first Angel Investor and  there are currently 13 Angel Investors.

July of 2013: WWN began a phased expansion of its group coaching programs and training offerings.

January of 2014: WWN launched the first group real estate investment for its members.

January of 2015: WWN obtained its first private-partnership grant and completed its first series of international leadership trainings for women and girls.

April of 2015: (On International Poetry Day), WWN launched Poetry4Change initiative and a radio show on 105.9 FM The Region, “FLOETRY by JulietKego”, anchored by one of the co-founders. 

From its inception till date: WWN has continued to develop a series of proprietary leadership frames, blueprints and training programs. The focus is to provide a collaborative platform and act as bridge-catalyst by engaging, educating & empowering women leaders (in particular, women of African and Caribbean descent, at home and in the diaspora), to live with purpose, passion and power and thus, transform their communities!

WWN  is a membership based organization and the membership fees are paid on an annual, rolling calendar basis. WWN training, coaching, consulting programs, projects and services are delivered via several channels. They include: collaborative projects partnerships with different joint-value partners (Individuals, Corporate entities, Not-for-profit groups and Government agencies), certification trainings, personal development seminars, webinars, workshops, keynotes, creative and fun networking opportunities and inspirational learning sessions, all facilitated by our network of dynamic subject matter experts (SME). Presently, WWN membership base extends to over eleven (11) countries across Africa, Caribbean and North America.

WWN runs a sustainable social enterprise model, in which at least fifty percent (50%) of the organization’s profits are reinvested back into projects and programs that create social change, especially for women and girls.

Our proprietary programs and services include:

i) SEED4Her Initiative – Sustainable Education and Empowerment Development programs for young girls in secondary schools and universities. (It includes a unique ‘Signature Style’ program, Leadership, Empowerment and Community Development trainings).

ii) FLOW: Financial Literacy for Women  – A holistic approach to understanding money and create sustainable economic empowerment.

iii) POETRY4Change  – An initiative that uses the power of poetry, spoken word and creative writing to create awareness about issues in the society and thus effect change. It empowers the youths (especially girls), to develop communication skills by finding, embracing and using their voices.

iv) Lifestyle Loan Program (LLP) – Making your money work for you by applying common-sense to money-sense! A focus on creating sustainable economic empowerment for women by directly providing loans to fund small scale businesses, skill acquisition training and other critical lifestyle needs.

v) WWN Life Transformation and Business Coaching Programs –
i. “UN-Locking Your HeART of Leadership”
ii. “90-Days to a Healthier, $exier, Wealthier Bu$ine$$!”

WWN coaching programs uses an integrated approach which is broadly divided into two streams:

i. Business Coaching Programs (Holistic Business Strategy Sessions, Personal, Business and Organizational Branding, Wealth Creation & Business Coaching);

ii. Leadership Coaching Programs (Personal Development & Transformation, Relationship Building, Community Development and Social Responsibility), thus building up a ‘Whole WoMan’. Key differentiators of our Leadership programs are our unique proprietary frames: #BridgingTheIntegrityGap and #TRACE Community Development model.

At Whole Woman Network, we take a unique approach to Training and Coaching. Our programs are based on: Universal principles, Traditional African values and sciences, Strategic Intervention (SI) Principles, Science (Behavioural and Neuro-Sciences), Top Industry Leadership Principles and Frames and Plain Old Common Sense!

Our unique approach is results-driven and based on agreed upon measurable outcomes. Thus, it focuses more on sustainable behavioural re-patterning and ACTIONABLE steps! We aim to provide our members,  clients and value-partners, with a compelling ‘call-to-action’ on issues affecting their overall well-being by empowering them with tools to gain mastery over ALL facets of their lives.

Programs are delivered through customized one-on-one and/or group experiential coaching sessions, via online and offline (on-site, face-to-face) channels. We believe that no matter what your income level and background are, it is everyone’s Fundamental ‘WoMan’ Right to live an empowered life and transform their communities!

WWN platforms are tour guides on a journey to co-create empowered individuals, families and communities. WWN is committed to delivering sustainable leadership coaching and training programs that enhance the achievement of peak performance by unlocking untapped Human Potential. Our goal is to engage, educate & empower WoMen and Youths, especially girls in under-served communities, to become catalysts of transformation in their environments.

Whole Woman Network Pre-Launch Event Promotion: December 4, 2010