Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I. Is WWN a Corporate entity, Not-For-Profit, NGO OR Charitable organization?

2. Is Membership limited to only those in North America (USA and Canada), or is it also opened to people in Africa and other parts of the world?

3. I live in Africa, I want to become a member but I do not have enough funds to pay for membership, what do I do?

4. How do I become a volunteer with your organization?

5. Are Volunteers paid any stipends?

6. Are you currently hiring in your organization?

7. How do I partner with you to deliver projects in my community?

8. I want to be able to train, teach and empower others. Do you offer certification courses for coaches, leadership trainers, community advocates or consultants?

9. Does WWN offer instalment payment plans for the different certification courses ?

10. May you explain the organizational, funding and operational structure of WWN?

11. Are your services and programs available to only women and girls?

12. Is WWN available to only people who identify to be of African and Caribbean ancestry?

13. I live outside North America. Do you offer your trainings via online channels (Conference calls, video conferencing, podcasts, webinars)?

14. I am interested in becoming an Angel Investor. What are the guidelines and processes?

15. I am a blogger, writer or content provider and I wish to contribute my articles to WWN Blog. Who do I contact?

16. I am interested in advertising my products and services on your blog and social media platforms, what is your reach?

17. I am a creative Writer/Poet/Spoken Word Artist, how do I participate in the Poetry4Change Initiative?

18. I provide products and services that may be of benefit to WWN members, who do I contact for a demo or to pitch my offerings?

19. Does WWN offer loans, scholarships and grants to individuals and what are the criteria?

20. I am very active on social media, how do I participate in WWN Social media campaigns?

21. What are the criteria to be featured as a personality under WWN‘s Inspired Stories Series and/or selected for the WOW! Awards celebrations?