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This is the highest membership level within the WWN community. Platinum Members constitute WWN’s Angel Investors Network.* The Platinum Membership is strictly by invitation only and is extended annually to a maximum number of 250 individuals and/or groups who share our vision and will actively contribute to our community.**You must have been a registered ‘Associate Member’ for at least 3 months before you are invited to become a Platinum Member.

***You must be endorsed by at least two (2) Premium Members, through detailed letters of references (provided by WWN) and undergo both a comprehensive Background and Credit Check.

****Currently, the lifetime maximum number of Platinum Members admitted is capped at 1000.

Benefits of Platinum Membership

As a Platinum member of WWN, in addition to enjoying all the benefits of the Associate and Premium membership levels, you also enjoy the following:

  • An automatic invitation to join WWN’s Network of Angel Investors; become a part of a social enterprise that enables you to earn a meaningful profit while making a positive difference in the lives of women and their families.
  • (Minimum investment amount for Angel Investors is a purchase of at least 1 Investment Unit at $25,000 each. Maximum number of units that can be purchased by an individual or group of Angel Investor(s) is 10 units);
  • An opportunity to market your products, services, events and fund-raising causes both online (to a targeted mailing list) and offline (at WWN’S ‘Signature Style’ events);
  • Membership of WWN Investment Clubs and Groups (‘First-right-of-refusal’);
  • Guaranteed sale of 10 Tickets AND/OR attendance by 2 WWN members at 5 of your events annually (Approximately $1000 value!);
  • Be a part of an exclusive mailing list and get insider notifications of opportunities in Real Estate, Traditional Investments and Alternative investment vehicles (Commodities, Emerging market opportunities, Options/Futures, Tax Liens, Private Equity, FOREX, Co-operative-issued Bonds etc.);
  • Eligible for profit sharing from the proceeds of WWN Lifestyle Loan Program, LLP (as a percentage of units purchased);
  • Opportunity to join a mastermind group of influential and successful members; a pool of Joint Venture partners for various collaborative projects.
  • Access to a network of Lifestyle, Financial and Business experts and mentors, who provide one-on-one and/or group coaching and support, at no cost to you (COMPLIMENTARY!)

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