WWN Lifestyle Loan Program, LLP

Whole WoMan Network’s Lifestyle Loan Program is all about Financial Wholeness & Well-being. Our focus to make your money work for you by applying Common-Sense to Money-Sense! We are committed to creating sustainable economic empowerment for Women and Youths, by directly providing loans to fund small-scale businesses, skill acquisition trainings and other critical lifestyle needs. 


  • In 2012, Whole Woman Network recognized a gap in the ability of women and youths to access funding for business startups, skill-based education/vocational training and other important lifestyle needs.
  • With the initial seed funds of $5000 provided by the two co-founders [from their personal (esusu) savings], they commenced the Lifestyle Loan Program for Women and Youths across Africa.
  • Over the past few years, the program has attracted significant funding from angel investors, who share a common vision of sustainability and empowerment, particularly for under-served, grassroots communities.
  • The program is available to only registered members of the organization. The loans range from $500 to $35,000 and the loan terms vary from one month to one year, depending on a number of factors: the unique needs of each member, the credit profile, the purpose of the proceeds, quality of references etc.
  • The loan program is tied to a Financial Literacy Program. This means that every loan recipient must undergo a series of compulsory Introductory Financial Literacy and Wealth Mastery Courses. (AND be willing to also complete any applicable updated training/refresher courses annually).
  • Associate Members can access between $500 and $1000 in loans quarterly; Premium Members can access between $1000 and $10,000 quarterly; Platinum Members are eligible to access between $10,000 and $25,000 quarterly.
  • In some special cases, WWN collaborates with loan recipients by directly investing in their business ventures as equity partners.