SEED4Her Program

Raising up a new generation of
T.E.C Leaders

WHAT is it about?

It is a 7-Day World-Class Leadership Program for Youths, implemented in an interactive, Experiential, High-Immersion, Hands-on Camp Environment.

Pre-Requisite: An introductory Full-Day or 2-Day SEED4HER or SEED4HIM Training Program on site in schools (Minimum of 15 Hours of Training Credits AND Completion of a Micro Community/Group Project).

IMG_8034WHO is it for?

The program is targeted at Youths (in African Secondary Schools and Universities AND also African Youths in the Diaspora. (This includes International Students). The initial focus was on educating and empowering girls. It has been recently expanded to also include boys (SEED4HIM). This is to achieve better integration and societal impact.

The focus is to target Public Schools in under-served and under-developed communities across Africa (with a special focus on Nigeria). However, we also include faith-based and private schools that are interested and are willing to partner with us and provide funding for the delivery of the different silos of the SEED4HER/SEED4HIM programs.

HOW is it delivered?

It was developed and initiated by Whole WoMan Network, an Empowerment and Leadership Social Enterprise based in Ontario, Canada, AND is delivered in partnership with individuals, corporations and institutions, committed to developing a new cadre of transformational African leaders to holistically solve African challenges and problems.

The training has two streams:

  • A Direct Training Program, which targets participants (students);
  • A Train-the-Trainer Certification Program, which targets Teachers, Educational Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Non-For-Profit Groups, Community/Youth Leaders, Faith-Based Leaders etc.

[The Train-the-Trainer program aligns with WWN’s philosophy of empowering leaders to empower others, by creating modularized programs that can be easily replicated and scaled in various communities, thus expanding the reach and impact].

WHY does the program exist?

The aim of the program is to raise a new Generation of Transformational, Ethical and Creative African Leaders, and thus bridge the leadership gap that exists all across Africa.

There exists a gap between the current quality of leadership and the daunting challenges on the continent: (War/Terrorism/Insecurity, A Culture of Mediocrity, Poverty, Decay in Societal Morals/Values, Gender Inequality, Lack of Quality Healthcare & Education, Corruption, Infrastructural Decay, Unemployment and Institutional Collapse etc.)

Most African countries have demographics with a high distribution of youth population. The current crop of African Youths have continued to show their creativity in science, governance, social enterprise, entertainment, sports, arts and entrepreneurship, to mention a few.

Therefore, if we are to experience any real sustainable change in the trajectory of the continent, there is an urgent need to strategically engage, educate, empower and equip these African Youths (especially girls), at home and in the diaspora, with the relevant leadership toolkit and skills. The long-term goal is to create collaborative hubs, with an outcome of integrating their actions and increasing their impact exponentially.

HOW is this program funded?

-WWN funds this program through proceeds from some of our social entrepreneurship services (corporate coaching, training and loan programs etc.);

-We also partner with individuals and corporations who provide funding for the programs in full or in part, for schools in their communities. (We are constantly seeking new project partners who want to give back to their communities);

-Some private schools and faith-based organizations also fund the programs directly for their students/staff or members respectively, (especially the Train-the-Trainer option).

Some of the key areas covered in WWN’s proprietary SEED4HER and SEED4HIM Training Programs are:


-UNLocking Your HeART of Leadership

-Bridging The Integrity Gap

-Perspectives of Leadership

-Leadership Archetypes & Master-Frames

  • LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION MODEL: (Understanding the power of Values-Hierarchy in Leadership Impact and Influence):




-Values-Exchange Model (‘BEING’ versus ‘DOING’ axis of leadership)


-Understanding Your Unique Talents & Abilities

-Introduction to Financial Literacy for Youths and Wealth Mastery Quadrants

-Evolving Beyond Theory-Based Education

-Exploring the Hidden Labour Market Trends

-How to Monetize Skills, Passions, Hobbies & Gifts

-Specific Skill-based Training (Media & Journalism, ICT, Photography, Animation, Creative Arts, Leadership, Crafts, etc.)

-Developing, Launching and Marketing Products and Services 


    -Creating an empowering community of spoken word artists and poets who use the power of the Arts for societal change.

    The Poetry4Change initiative focuses on training participants on finding their voice, developing it and using it, especially by leveraging the power of social media.

    Upon successful participation and completion of their micro-projects, deserving participants also qualify to undergo our complimentary world-class training in media studies and journalism, facilitated by our project partners and sponsors under the Educate A Girl, Nigeria Program.

    -Through the Poetry4Change Initiative, scholarships and sponsorship grants are provided to support deserving Youths in the Creative Arts field.


-Re-defining Empowerment from ‘ME’ to ‘WE’

-Understanding Gender Issues in Development Cycles

-Adapting Solutions to suit Cultural Sensitivities

-Intellectual Versus Experiential Empowerment


-Identifying and prioritizing community projects

-Tracing individual leadership development cycle

-Creating Collaborative hubs for project implementation

-‘Office of the Citizen’ Training 

This explores the concept of leadership as a partnership and the role of an awakened and empowered citizenry (Youths), in shaping the quality of leadership, development and progress of the society.

It involves practical training on:

  • How to create sustainable advocacy groups in different areas (Health, Education, Governance & Elections, Infrastructural Development, Security & Law Enforcement etc.)
  • How to engage with various stakeholders: leaders in government, corporate organizations, civil society, faith-based and community leaders
  • A strategic process of liaising with elected representatives effectively and efficiently. Thus creating accountability loops between citizens and political leaders directly responsible for their constituencies, in order to achieve positive outcomes and improved standards of living for all citizens, especially the under-served and grassroots.
  • Thinking Green: Personal-Environmental Sanitation & Sustainability 
  • R.S.V.P Political Awareness Program: Register; Select; Vote; Protect your votes (As developed by Enough is Enough, Nigeria (EiE)

-Decoding the GAPS in the existing value construct and environment (‘AS IS’ state)

-Modelling existing transformation success story – People, Process, Systems and Key Success Factors

-Uncovering the drivers and root causes of corruption and exploring practical solutions to address them

-Understanding the dynamics  and ecology of change management in highly challenging and difficult environments

-Behavioural re-programming and mapping across to reflect desired future states (“TO BE” state)



-The highlight of the 7-Day Intensive Leadership camp, is a a practical project implementation phase. Participants choose and implement a project that solves a demonstrable challenge in their immediate community

-This project cycle involves an on-going 3-Month Continuous Mentoring, Training and Feedback Sessions for program participants, following the Introductory ‘on-site’ and 7-Day ‘in-camp’ Training. 

-Some deserving participants get fast-tracked for sponsorships in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (S.T.E.M) Training Programs, with some of our project partners and collaborators such as WAAW Foundation

-All participants become a part of a continent-wide community of change-makers and leaders, creating an integrated chain of positive impacts in their various communities.

-Participants are awarded a certificate of participation and are eligible to enroll in WWN’s acclaimed “Train-the-Trainer” Certification Program.

Contact us (, for a detailed breakdown of our training curriculum, fees and projects.

Partner with us, either as a volunteer or project sponsor and plant a SEED4HER/SEED4HIM. Let’s co-create the society of our dreams, one idea, one person, one project, and one community at a time!

Diana Barikor-Wiwa
Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido
Co-Founders, Whole WoMan Network
~Raising a New Generation of Transformational, Ethical and Creative African Leaders.